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Created a pioneering new interface and experience for HBO’s re-imagined approach to the online landscape, including the beginnings of what eventually became HBO Go. Prior to this, they’d been saddled with a '90s-era HTML design. (R/GA)
creatively directing:
In 2012, we branded and launched a brand new large-scale jewelry company with production facilities and factories located around the world. Commerce opportunities included both an online storefront and various pop-up shops in NYC and Washington, DC. (Little Action)
©2014 jean-paul tremblay. protected under the auspices of article xviii of the winter 1967 berne convention, geneva edition, and the copyright protocol of sub-section 3.6 of international trade law. just kidding! copyright (and the industry-wide maintenance thereof) is something else, huh?
Capwell & Co.
OK, so, yeah...that’s not a real word, just a grammatical riff on all the “ing”-ing. Here are some links. My profile on LinkedIn, where by “profile” I mean “older experience.” My ”Jean-Paul Tremblay” IMDb page. Some of the 20 or so record sleeves I’ve designed, via A quick back-and-forth sally with me by Mike Bonifer at GameChangers. Some of my way older SuicideGirls editor-in-chiefing. My early-adopter (user account #2668!) Facebook page.
Two proposed redesigns of the fast-food chain’s labyrinthine website under the rubric of simplifying for the consumer. (TBWA/Fangohr)
Directed the online campaign for noted environmentalist Al Gore’s worldwide Live Earth concert series in 2007, which featured musicians such as Madonna, Pharrell, Kanye West, Metallica, and the Beastie Boys. These performances were broadcast on NBC’s various networks and online at (Control Room)
Live Earth
email: jp at jeanpaultremblay dot com
Directed, wrote, and produced an 85-minute independent feature film comedy in the vein of Charlie Kaufman trading barbs with Todd Phillips. Wildlife is about a recently-divorced copyright lawyer who brings his gang of friends to his lake house to burn it down before his ex-wife gets it.
is always & HBO Go
At least 20 original sleeves for various albums and EPs on record labels like Sub Pop, Plug Research, ~scape, and Halo Cyan. This includes the artwork for the first-ever Postal Service release, Dntel’s “This is the Dream (of Evan and Chan)” and the first artwork for the beginnings of Rhye on Polydor.
Wildlife (An Indie Feature Film)
Record Designs (12” & CD)