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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.
1. What is the new FOX Fall 2000-01 primetime schedule and what are the premiere dates?
2. Which shows that are not announced for the fall will air later in the season?
3. Which shows will not return to the 2000-01 FOX schedule?
4. If I wrote to my favorite actor/actress through the Ask FOX e-mail address, will that actor/actress see the e-mail?
5. What is FOX Broadcasting Company's mailing address?
6. How do I call/write/e-mail my local FOX affiliate?
7. Can I get tapes of FOX primetime shows sent to me?
8. Can I buy merchandise from my favorite FOX primetime show?
9. How can I get tickets to a taping of my favorite FOX primetime show?
10. I have written a script for my favorite FOX show. Where can I send it?
11. What can I do to fix my "sound" problem on certain FOX shows? I'm only hearing background music. / or / I'm only hearing the show in Spanish.
12. How come some "unofficial" Web sites are being shut down?
13. Why do there seem to be so many more repeats these days during the "regular" season?

If you have a question that is not listed above or you simply want to comment on your favorite shows, please let us know by sending us a note via Feedback

Mailing addresses to your favorite shows. (Sorry, but at this time we have no e-mail addresses for any of our shows...only paper mail and some Web site addresses.)

If you have a question regarding 20th Century FOX Theatrical, FOX Kids, FOX Sports, FOX News, fX Cable, FOX Family Channel Cable, FOX International or 20th Television (Production Company), please do not write to us at Ask FOX, which is solely for the FOX Broadcasting Company's U.S. primetime schedule. Click on the mailing address link above and you will find the appropriate e-mail, Web site and paper mail addresses for these other FOX companies.