Capwell & Co. – Brand Launch & Creative Direction

Capwell & Co. – Brand Launch & Creative Direction, 2012

After helping our friends at a large major-label jewelry manufacturer with their digital branding, we were tasked with launching an entirely new jewelry label for the sort of consumer that wants to buy high-quality goods without paying more than $100.

And just like that, Capwell & Co. was born.

We envisioned everything about the new brand: its name, its branding, its digital design, its packaging…hell, even the messaging of its promotional inserts and coupons.

Here, you can see some of the elements we put forth for its launch in 2012, including the website and the packaging.

Since 2012, the brand has opened up numerous popup shops around the United States and collaborated with impactful designers and brands like Lulu Frost and Badgley Mischka.

Capwell & Co., Kenilworth Creations
Branding, Creative Direction, UX
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December 2011