Fusion: The Split Show, Ep. 1

Split Show #1: Immigration is Either Good or Bad or Whatever

Shot and produced at ABC for Fusion, The Split Show is a groundbreaking, genuinely never-been-done-before news viewing experience.

Presented as an interactive video experience – almost a game, really – viewers are able to watch the same exact news story as it is covered by two very different news sources, but they can control what they watch. It’s an immersive look at the sharp contrast (and yet, deep-seated similarities) between news-as-entertainment venues like highly-rated shows on Comedy Central and Fox News.

In this first episode, our two hosts take a look immigration, with somewhat predictable results.

You can watch this edited, non-interactive, made-for-TV version on this page, but I highly, highly recommend launching the interactive version and use your space bar or the onscreen controls to rapidly toggle back and forth between the two shows. Make your own medley of left-wing and right-wing news!

The second episode is just as neat, and even more complicated.

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