– Redesign and UX

December 2007: First Drafts & Sketches
Summer 2008: Delivered Design & UX User Experience & Redesign, 2008

Working with R/GA, and drawing from my art direction background at, I was in charge of conceiving how the modern viewer would watch, discover, and interact with video as part of the 2008 redesign of the site.

This included figuring out how to encourage various elements like the network’s schedule and supplemental information to co-exist and be accessible with fullscreen episodes of HBO’s shows, and the large, bold navigational approach you see was born. It was definitely a radical transformation.

Here, you can see the two stages and evolution of the project, from the initial layout/hierarchical approach, to the final version closer to the bottom. You might recognize this same experience and layout as the UX and initial designs of HBO Go and their various iOS and Roku apps.

Creative Direction, UX, Design
My Role
December 2007