An “All About Me, Me, Me!” Meme

I work in

Hi! I’m Jean-Paul Tremblay, and like the ticker says above, I work in film, TV, and digital video development and production, with an extensive background in creative directiondesign, editorial strategywriting, and the correct usage of serial commas.

I have more than 15 years of experience leading departments and teams at large media companies, producing and developing original series and online properties for MTV, FOX, NBC, Fusion (ABC/Univision), Vanity Fair, and AOL.

I’ve produced two feature films – Wildlife: A Storytelling Manifesto, and Long Goodbye, and two television pilots, one of which, Sharing, was purchased by NBC and Jimmy Fallon’s production company, the other, Idolescence, by MTV.

I’ve also spent some time in the advertising trenches, building out large original commercial and interactive projects and campaigns for corporations like McDonalds and Verizon, as well as being responsible for building and designing the main websites for both and, incuding envisioning the creative direction behind the entire relaunch experience of and what became HBO Go. (In short, I’m pretty rad.)

I used to publish and produce Low Culture, a satirical blog about culture and politics that people called a modern-day Spy Magazine. It was praised and written about by outlets like The New Yorker and Entertainment Weekly, received three “Best Political Weblog” Bloggie nominations, and won awards from The Week and Playboy as the best political blog (Think “The Daily Show,” pre-social media).

I also co-launched the short-lived, a satirical parody site showing what would happen if TMZ’s salacious idiocy were directed at children. After extensive coverage on JezebelABC News and the Huffington Post, the lawyers at Warner Bros. didn’t like the joke very much, but we worked with the director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation before having to shut the site down. Copyright laws…sniff.

Bonus: my personality is a solid 9 out of 10! (One point was deducted because I specifically chose not to write this info about myself in the third person – because, come on, right?)

My Experience

feature film production, writing, and direction
wildlife: a storytelling manifesto (2017), long goodbye (2017)

tv pilot production, writing, and direction
sharing (nbc),  split show (fusion), let me tell you (fusion), idolescence (mtv)

director of production & development, digital
fusion (abc/univision)

associate creative director

creative director
live earth

managing editor, interactive media
the advocate

design director
wenner media (rolling stone, us weekly, mens journal)

art director & senior producer
fox broadcasting company

correspondence writer
the office of president william jefferson clinton

My Education

harvard university
MOdern Culture & Media Studies, literature, film, political science, sociology (department of special concentrations, advisor: Kwame Anthony Appiah)

My Miscellaneous Whatever-ness:

awards, etc.
nominated for three bloggies, publisher of best political blog (from playboy magazine), publisher of best political blog (the week magazine)

media mentions
the new yorker, washington post, abc news, huffington post, gawker, jezebel, variety, entertainment weekly, the wire magazine, muzik magazine

film festivals
resfest digital film festival, new york independent film festival

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