Art Direction & Production Art Direction & Production, 2000

I was hired by FOX and The Simpsons to produce a cross-platform, video-enabled supplement to their long-running hit television series. After successfully launching in collaboration with the show’s writers and producers, I was charged with building out similar web components to FOX’s other television shows, and ultimately wound up art directing and steering the production of the network’s entire site,

It’s undergone a slew of iterations since then, but the archived version we built in winter 2000 is hosted below. Warning: it relies heavily on Flash, because, well, it was a stupider, more naïve era on the internet. We all though animated/interactive content was the future, but, hell, HTML5 wasn’t yet born.

Also, monitors were craaaaaazy small back then, and entire screen resolutions were smaller than contemporary YouTube videos. So…enable your Flash plugin on your desktop computer, and sit back and pretend it’s the year 2001 and television shows like The X-Files and Ally McBeal are still TV hits.

Pay special attention to amazing interactive elements like an X-Files story tracker, a tool that explored all the deep threads of the series’ so-called “Mytharc”. Archived Sites from 2001 (Requires Flash…sorry!)
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