Fusion: World Cup of Awesome

World Cup of Awesome (Fusion Live)

These comedy segments, produced to air on Fusion during the 2014 World Cup, featured Felix Salmon and I setting up an elaborate NCAA-style bracket and ranking the participating nations not by their sports teams, but by various nationalist qualities like…who has the best coffee, best wine, best shoes, etc.

Performed and delivered by comedians Arielle Castillo and Yannis Pappas on Fusion Live in primetime, we presented one amazing thing about each of the 32 countries that are playing in this year’s World Cup.

In each segment, all of these awesome things battled it out to see who wins – without football. So instead of soccer games, they were playing with what makes each country awesome. We’re pitting Japan’s distinctive Godzilla against Greece’s historical Olympic Games, to England’s pride and joy, William Shakespeare, battling Uruguay’s, umm, shipping containers. (According to Felix, Uruguay has one of the world’s biggest deepwater shipping ports, you know, and that’s what makes the country so awesome.)

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