Fusion: Bad Paper

Bad Paper: An Interactive Guide to Debt Collection, 2014

Working alongside financial reporter Felix Salmon and author Jake Halpern, I produced this highly engaging (and oddly entertaining, given the subject matter) interactive game that colorfully tackles the under-explored dynamics between debtors and collectors, and the legal protections afforded to both sides.

This interactive adventure is a companion piece to author Jake Halpern’s New York Times Magazine piece and the accompanying book he wrote on the subject matter.

While Felix presents his own introduction to this interactive game of financial cat-and-mouse in this article he wrote for Fusion, you, too, can poke around and learn more about various under-documented approaches to managing debt. The experience is modeled after the endless scroller form of gameplay, and is designed for both mobile and desktop.

Production, Creative Direction, Digital Strategy
My Role
Winter 2014