TMZ for Kidz, Satire/Parody Website

TMZ for Kidz, Satire/Parody Website, 2011

In Spring 2011, my writing partner (Guy Cimbalo) and I launched, a humor site that was, as you can see, pretty obviously parodying another certain salacious online newsmonger, but from the publishing perspective of ridiculing culture’s breathless coverage of famous celebrity children.

It quickly blew up, getting coverage and writeups in Jezebel, ABC News, and the Huffington Post…which meant that the lawyers at TMZ’s parent company, Warner Bros., also discovered the site. They were the only people who were not very amused.

After connecting with the director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation about our legal options, we learned we were best served by taking the site down, so all that’s left is a shell of the old Twitter account…and these low-resolution screengrabs!

April 2011
Co-Creation, Editorial Strategy, Creative Direction, Design